THE CABANA | Motion Notion


A bamboo palace!!

The Cabana operates Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from approximately 4pm to 6am. Music is primarily BASS oriented with lots of drum'n bass, glitch-hop, dubstep, breaks, funk and some electro & house.

'We are proud to announce our involvement with Motion Notion 2012-2018 will include a fully developed PK Stage, appropriately titled The Cabana. This stage will incorporate all of PK’s experience into a new and exciting creation, pushing the limits of our creativity. We have been involved with Motion Notion for over 13 years and enjoy each year more and more. Now it’s time to step up and help take this outdoor massive to a new level. Get ready for intricate stage design, breathtaking art, state of the art video mapping and course a crushing PK sound system!'

-Jeremy Bridge (Subvert), President- PK SOUND