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Indie stages must be approved before June 1 2017. If you plan to make an Indie Stage, send us a write-up of your plans for design, music style, sound and lights, previous experience, and theme or intention. We will consider your proposal. Find the rules below.

1) You need to buy a ticket (unless you are on the guest list)
2) Stage must be located in The Cabana Stage field (Fire camp) unless other arrangemnets have been made with the festival organizers. Contact us to choose the location.
3) Operating hours are strictly between 6pm to 2am Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.
4) The festival retains the right to close the stage at any time for any reason.
5) Sound-system can be powered by generators with a total of 10000 watts MAXIMUM output. Lighting is unlimited.
6) Generators must be ‘silent-running’ or surrounded with a plywood box on all sides to block the noise.
7) Each stage must be equipped with a 10-pound (or larger) dry-chemical fire extinguisher.
8) Stage, materials, and litter must cleaned-up completely within 48hours after the festival ends.
9) Scaffolding must not be any higher than 15 feet, public is not allowed on it.
10) All garbage must be cleaned up, put in bags, piled and ready for pickup
11) One campfire is allowed but the wood must not exceed 0.5m x 0.5m in size. The fire must also have two five gallon buckets full of water nearby (fill in river or pond), a shovel, and an adult monitoring it at all times (BC Fire Regulations).
12) Every person and company involved with a stage must accept a duty of care to ensure safe creation & operation of the stage for all.
13) All stage participants absolve the organizers of Motion Notion of any damages or losses they may incur.
14) A waiver must be signed stating that all stage participants must accept liability for any damages or losses the organizers of Motion Notion may incur that are directly related to the stage or its participants.

If you have questions or want to send us your logo/promotional image and a short description for inclusion on the website, please contact festival (at)