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All prices are in Canadian dollars.

VEHICLE PASSES Mandatory for every vehicle - including artists and vendors.
Car/Truck $20; Trailer $20; RV $40

Payable in cash at the gate.

To help with any potential added costs with our site location change, we have removed all vehicle fees for this year. Re-entry costs will still apply ($30 per person per re-entry).




Hard copy tickets 

Merritt: 378 Boardshop - 2149 Quilchena Ave, Merritt, BC

Kelowna: Hemp City - 526 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC

Vancouver: Beat Street Records - 439 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC

Calgary: Grassroots - 112 10 St NW, Calgary, AB

GATE TICKETS (Only available if event is not sold-out prior)
The price decreases as the event goes on.
The front-gate staff cannot discount the price of entry.
THURSDAY: Arrival between 9am Thursday to 9am Friday | $400 (including GST)
Arrival between 9am Friday to 9am  Saturday | $360 (including GST)
SATURDAY: Arrival from 9am Saturday to 9am Sunday | $280 (including GST)
SUNDAY: Arrival from 9am Sunday to 7pm Sunday | $190 (including GST)
SUNDAY NIGHT PARTY!: Arrival after 7pm onwards | $85 (including GST)

"Nicest festival washrooms in Canada!"
$40 for unlimited use of the 'Posh-Potties' facility - open 24hrs/day, flush toilets & urinals, tile floors, lighting, sinks, running water, mirrors, paper towels, toilet paper. Located at the festival centre beside Main-Stage and vendors. Constantly maintained with two attendants onsite all the time. Totally worth it!


The gates open at 9am on Friday August 24 2018 for regular attendees. Early entry starts at 9am Thursday August 23 for $40 cash at the gate or proof of pre-purchase, or $400 cash if you do not have a pre-purchased ticket. Every attendee must read and sign the waiver before entering the festival. After the festival, please vacate the site by 12-noon on Monday, August 27.  Do not drive if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or very sleep deprived. Security and police will be checking.  Event runs rain or shine. Front-gate operates 24hrs per day. Front-gate staff cannot hold tickets for people, grant temporary access, make additions or changes to the guest list, or bargain with the price. Wristbands supplied at gate must be worn at all times. Children aged 12 and under are free but must be accompanied by a responsible parent or legal guardian who by purchasing a ticket, agrees to take on full responsibility for the child's welfare.  Only purchase tickets from authorized ticket outlets or trustworthy individuals. Fake or stolen tickets will not be accepted. Ticket numbers, security features and barcodes will be checked/scanned on entry to ensure tickets are valid. No refunds for any tickets.  A vehicle fee will be charged to each vehicle each time it enters the festival.  Motion Notion reserves the right to refuse entry, remove people from the property, or change the rules at any time with no refund or compensation. Each person entering the festival must voluntarily consent to a search of their person, vehicle, or belongings by security or staff as a condition of entry.



Guest-list inclusion must be confirmed by an Event Manager in writing or email before August 15. It is best to bring printed email conversations as proof of guest-list inclusion in case of any problems at the gate.  No other person or group has the authority to add names to the guest-list. Picture ID is required on entry to confirm each guest's or performer's identity.  We prefer each performer and his/her guest arrive in the same vehicle or at the same time. If a performer's guest will arrive in a separate vehicle or separate time from the performer one of the managers needs to be given that guest's full name via email prior to August 15.  No changes can be made after August 15 or at the gate. Anyone not on the guest-list will need to pay the full entry fee or present a valid ticket to be granted entry.  If you were supposed to be on the guestlist but were forced to pay in error, please ask for a receipt from the gate and submit a refund request after the event (with receipt attached) to



There are inherent risks associated with attending this event such as extreme weather, wild animals, an unsupervised river and pond with no lifegaurd on duty, large dead-standing trees, tripping hazards, high-voltage electrical equipment, slippery ground, dark areas, loud music, flashing lights, overhead decor, fires, and sharp objects. Ticketholder assume all risks occurring before, during or after event, including injury or death by any cause. No lifeguard on duty. Waiver must be read and signed on entry. Ticketholder releases organizer and landowner, and their respective affiliates and representatives from any related claims. Ticketholder consents to our use of their image, likeness, actions and statements in connection with any live or recorded audio or photograph or other transmission or publication of event with no compensation.



It costs a lot of money and time to make this festival what it is and we work hard to make it safe and fun for everyone. Be fair with us. Do the right thing and buy a ticket - it's so much easier than getting into trouble. Any trespassers will be criminally charged by the RCMP with 'failure to pay' (same as theft). This will result in a criminal record. You will also be banned from the event for 10 years. We have many security checks in place before and during the event to ensure trespassers will be caught.  We have a ZERO tolerance for this type of behavior, so don't ruin yours and your friends' experience (and lives) by trying to skirt the system.

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