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The festival includes three professional festival-sponsored stages and acceptable independently operated "Indie" stages in the South clearing (see sitemap and rules).

THE TEMPLE (by Katalyst)
Installations by Global Village Productions, with PK sound & lights.

Organico meets Mechanico. The Melding of technology, art, nature and spirituality.
50,000 watt PK line-array sound-system
All styles of electronic music
Custom painted 90' engulfing lycra canopy installed by Global Village Productions (UK, USA)
One-of-a-kind lycra clamshell-dome DJ enclosure
30' custom designed & painted elliptical video screen frames
Multiple visual-projection screens run by up to four live-VJs at a time
Video mapping
Intelligent LED lighting
UV Cannons
Multi-level dance-platforms
Sitting areas and benches
Next to the vendor village

Live VJs:
Onion Union

The Temple runs 24hrs per day starting at 4pm on Thursday and ending 7am on Monday.
Music styles played here range widely depending on the day and the time.  Psychedelic sounds at night with more funky-dub in the day.

THE CABANA (by PK and Space Invaderz)

A bamboo palace!
PK line-array sound.
Coconut stand!
The Cabana operates Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from approximately 6pm to 6am.
Music is primarily BASS oriented with lots of glitch-hop, dubstep, breaks, funk and some electro.

Created by Evolve[-]d Productions  (Managed by Jay Micheal and Kylee Dawn)

The Metasphere operates 24hr per day starting at 6pm on Friday. It is separated from the festival in it's own little field right beside the river with the best view of the mountains.  The music is varies widely on this stage with everything from dub, psy-dub, ambient, trip-hop, idm, world, gypsy, techno and psytrance.


Indy stages must be approved before June 1 2013.  If you plan to make an Indie Stage, send us a write-up of your plans for design, music style, sound and lights, previous experience, and theme or intention. We will consider your proposal. Find the rules below.

Approved Stages thus far:

5 Elements
Contact this Indy Stage at


1) You need to buy a ticket (unless you are on the guest list)
2) Stage must be located in the Camping 3 field (Southern), the same field as The Cabana Stage. No reserved locations. Must be at least 100 meters from the Cabana and not face your sound towards it.
3) Operating hours are strictly between 6pm to 2am Friday-Sunday night.
4) The festival retains the right to close the stage at any time for any reason.
5) Sound-system can be powered by generators with a total of 6500 watts MAXIMUM output.  Lighting is unlimited.
6) Generators must be ‘silent-running’ or surrounded with a plywood box on all sides to block the noise.
7) Each stage must be equipped with a 10-pound (or larger) dry-chemical fire extinguisher and two 5 gallon buckets full of water in case of fire. Buckets can be filled from the pond or river.
8) Stage, materials, and litter must cleaned-up completely within 48hours after the festival ends.
9) Scaffolding must not be any higher than 15 feet, public is not allowed on it.
10) All garbage must be cleaned up, put in bags, piled and ready for pickup
11) Every person and company involved with a stage must accept a duty of care to ensure safe creation & operation of the stage for all.
12) All stage participants absolve the organizers of Motion Notion of any damages or losses they may incur.
13) A waiver must be signed stating that all stage participants must accept liability for any damages or losses the organizers of Motion Notion may incur that are directly related to the stage or its participants.

If you have questions or want to send us your logo/promotional image and a short description for inclusion on the website, please contact indystages at gmail dot com.