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We asked what attendees love about Motion Notion and here are their responses:

Sarah Kelly

 Had a blast everyone was so nice. And music was epic.

Kasia Gorski

 Thanks for all the amazing music during the daylight hours, and fires away from the stages at night. Brilliant!

Pixel Pusher

 Not going to lie the vendors were pretty sweet this year.


I think the venue is absolutely perfect...it's large enough to have lots of space to roam around in, and yet the party is contained in the space. The riverside tent was absolute genious by the way. Very, very cool trail down to the river and the decorations were beautiful. I have to say Katalyst puts on the absolute BEST parties, hands down. All the effort you put into Motion Notion clearly makes it, in my opinion, THE party to go to of the year. I know my friends and I had an absolutely amazing time, and we're all counting down until next year (as we did last year). I enjoyed every single dj there, there was not one moment where I thought "this music sucks, lets check out the other tent", which happens frequently at most large parties. For me, the music was absolute heaven, with the perfect mix of prog house and psy trance. The visuals were so amazing that I don't even have the words to explain.It's hard to suggest what could possibly top this year's party, I thought it was perfect. The price is extremely fair, for an entire weekend of great music, lighting, camping, river, etc. I met people that drove all the way down from Winnipeg for it, so that tells me something is working. I hope you don't change much about the party. The vibe on both nights was very different...fri seemed more of a "crazy party night", sat was way more trippy and psychedellic, and I thought that was an awesome combination. Anyways, thanks again for the BEST weekend I've had all summer, and I'm looking forward to next years! 

Kyle Wiest

It was my second year this year and what I've noticed most is that many people go there for different reasons. Overall you come out of it with is a greater appreciation of nature, friendship, and love.

Becky Hoglund

I just wanted to say thank you for throwing such an amazing party, i had one of the best times of my life, everyone was so nice and the positive vibe of the party was like no other. Anyway I just wanted to thank you again for such an awesome party, it made my year :) 

Pamela Edlund Lapke

 Most amazing venue yet!! Mountains, no rain this year and well thought out....even though it got cold the bonfires were stellar!

Jean-François Racine

 Shook my life, connected me to LOVE. I have no words, this is life changing.

Kitty Hardy 

Everywhere I looked I found open arms, open minds, open hearts, open to the music and each other. Beautiful people dancin to beautiful beats! Everyone I met was generous, welcoming, enlightening, interesting and a whole lotta fun! We were wrapped up in the arms of love, surrounded by an amazing atmosphere all weekend, the energy and happiness that we vibed on will be with me all year. I felt uplifted and gotta renewal of my faith in humanity to ascend trivialities and just be, love, enjoy life! Such magic and synchronicity! I'm in love ♥

Codi Hatfield


Alana McCloy

 3 showers and flush toilets for only 30 bucks?! Heaven. Beautiful grounds. Awesome stages. Easy entry and exit. I will be back next year for sure!

Meighan Cote

Motion Notion 2006 was my first katalyst event and it blew me away!! Honestly, the encouragement of being in touch with ones self and the earth really hit me. I figured out many answers in my life and it was truly a life changing experience. The overall atmosphere was so uplifting and helped me realize there is still so much good in our world. To see children there really shows how genuine the party was. Your main stage was SICK!! I had to walk up to the dragon painting to see if it was actually plugged in! From my neighbors to the security i have met people who i will never forget and so i thank you for this experience! And i will definitely see you in 2007! PEACE and LOVE 

one happy camper darky, glimpse.org

The evening was full of surprises, everyone had an awesome time. The northern lights were so insanely bright that at one point I was walking to the main stage and looked up at the same time a few other campers were staring into the sky and we just stood there and gawked as it was some of the brightest lights I had ever seen. Strangely enough the northern lights were moving along with the music, which was really intense and awesome. I will never again miss another motion notion as I hadn't gone last year due to working, et al. I've never seen so many tents of happy people in my entire life, this was definitely a great time I would have to say. I'm still grinning about this party and will bring more friends next year with me. 

Stephen Caravan

 This event seems to attract the happiest, most sincere people on earth. Whether it was through conversation or with eye contact on the dance floor, I felt so connected to so many people. The music was just ridiculous, scheduled so perfectly. Food was superb. So many different environments to choose from, for whatever kind of mood you were in. It was a perfect event that I wish could go on forever......until next year! xoxo

Jared Jmam Mamic

 My first MoNo and I absolutely loved. The people honestly there were so amazing and kind. The music was great and I absolutely loved all the stages and the variety they offered. Such a blast. The water was such a tease cause it looked so gorgeous but was on a nippy side hahaha. Printed or bulletin boards with the schedule would be awesome for next year. And maybe some above the ground pools scattered randomly?!? To cool people down would be nice haha but its not a necessity

Esther Ratbag Pakulak

 Glow in the dark wrist bands this year! So cool.

Matt Kuefler

My name's Matt Kuefler. I've attended the last three MNs and I have to say that I don't believe that there is anything that you guys can improve on. Every year I come back you guys blow my mind bigger, better, and in ways you can't imagine. You guys had great music, great shows, great DJs, and even better staff. You created such a warm atmosphere that everyone I talked to said that the only thing they didn't like about the weekend was packing up Sunday morning. This last point about the people was the most important part of my weekend. You guys managed to attract the right people to the right place, at the right time. In conclusion, thank you. MN was the best weekend I've had all summer, and those that travelled with me have said the exact same. They would also like to extend their appreciation and thanks for such an amazing weekend. Keep it up! I'll most definitely see you guys next year if not at Sonic. Have fun, and keep partying for the people. 

Scott Beaumont

 The music, the location, the vendors, showers, nice toilets. But really what made it magical were the people. FESTIVAL FAMILY


I just have to say HOLY SH*T. This year was unbelievable! I came knowing I was in for a blast but as always you blew my socks off. The vibe at the party was so awesome not one person I saw gave me a dirty look or said one bad thing at all. And the music, I have no words to do it justice. 12 out of 10 man, without a doubt, I already can't wait till next year, you should definately make it 4 days if not more. 

Steven Zerebeski

Cabana stage was trippy! The people were awesome, as I suspected. I love how everyone can be naked, or flailing around or just plain being a weirdo and the environ of MoNo just embraces the hippy, loving vibe.

Pope Long Haul III

 Lots of bears

Kaylee Parsons

what i loved about MoNo the most was that it brought a group of people together and became a community to enjoy the land and the music. No one cared who you were or where you were from everyone just got along and had the time of their life. met some really amazing and inspirational people and look forward to seeing them there again next year. :)

Tamara Lee

 The beautiful art! Omgosh it was just wonderful to see the Temple stage day and night, I want my whole world to look like that.


The lighting and visuals were amazing, the music was great every day at pretty much every stage, and there was just an awesome vibe. You guys definitley fixed all the problems that occured last year (music playing to long, general disorganization), And everything came together this year. I think next year will be the best yet because word of mouth will travel and i bet twice as many people come! So, Thank you for such an amazing party and i will be defintely be out to support it again next year. 

Jenny Baker

The best party I've ever been to. I thought it was good last year, but this year was amazing!!! and I know all my friends are in agreement. 

Amy Liedtke  


Justice Dawn Littlechild

   2012 was my first MoNoo (and festival in general) experience, and anyone you ask who knows me can tell you that I definitely came back a changed person for the better, such positivity, creativity, love and openness out there from everyone I met, and even met a few new hopefully life long friends. Most amazing experience of my life! ♥

Pixie Vic Sen

 Although I'm I pretty experienced festival goer, this was my first Motion Notion and I have to say that my mind was BLOWN! There were so many things that i absolutely adored about the festival. First of all, I think the site was probably one of the most beautiful ones I've ever experienced. Each stage was in it's own perfectly unique and gorgeous setting. The proximity of the stages to one another made it so easy to check out a couple of different stages when there were 2 different DJ's you wanted to see (and because of the awesome line up that happened a lot!). The temple stage decor blew my mind!!!

Chuck Mac

 I loved that I was able to dance by myself in the woods dressed as a robot and no one hassled me.

Angel Wagner  

Mono brings everyone from my old High School together again, and it brings everyone so much closer. I fall in love at MONO every single year. Thanks to MONO 2012, I'm getting a second chance at happiness, and I'll never regret it ♥

Niko Kruzel

 A wonderful introduction to the festival lifestyle, almost a bit too brief but otherwordly in the amount of compassion, empathy, friendlyness and bass! I will never forget MoNo'13! Definitely recommending my friends to come next year to be whoever they feel like! Thanks to everyone for the unifying experience

Nicole Barrs  

This was my third MoNo and it was the best one yet. I come from Winnipeg and it's always my favorite festival. The new location is amazing and I can't wait for next year. I met a lot of awesome people and danced my ass off with my Flow-Wand =) Soooo good! See you all next year!

Meagan Price

 I loved motion notion! This was my first year ever going and I met so many amazing people, it was so organized and all the stages were insane! The music was great and I am definitely going back next year! My new favourite festival!! Much love xoxoxo

Andrew Munroe

 I have been going for 12 years straight and this was the best year yet, I love meeting new ppl and seeing old friends that I only get to see from year to year, and is very well organized I mean this 110%, I will keep going every year even when I'm old and grey I wouldn't miss it, also the Dj's do a superb job!!

Illy Mctree

 Best fest i've been to in a looooong time! No attitude from anyone, security included, lots of room to dance, stages mostly on schedule, easy entry thru security, great camping spaces, the toilet cleaning truck was always around, the sound was amazing! even during the sickest sets we could still talk to each other, even when the bass was shaking the earth. I liked the wrist bands...very purdy, but itchy!! Perhaps avoid the metallic threads next time. But really, if that is all i can complain about?....it was truly an amazing experience all around!

Sara Doreen Spiller

The incredible view and the over-all amazing atmosphere, It felt great to be surrounded by so many unique and loving people. (:

Jennifer Hansen

Music festivals r an experience like no other. You can experience life, people and music in a whole different perspective and environment! You can be who you r and live life to the fullest! Motion notion is where it's at! Live! Dream! Experience the movement!

Ashtinn Victoria

 The Freedom Of Expression !!! Music People Creativity and the Sharing of knowledge among us !! ^^

Wade Tie Won Yuk

I arrived alone, a little nervous, and worried it would be overwhelming. Instead I explored the grounds, meeting some of the most amazing people, sharing gifts, stories and love. There was never a lack of people to throw down to some nasty drops, there were people spinning all types of flow toys and fire toys. It was the most amazing feeling of peace, love and happiness. We all came to feel the heart beat of the earth. We all rode the good vibrations. And now we get to spread that love all around until the tribe reunites again next year. Motion Notion you changed my life :)

Kira Andreychuk

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for putting on something soooo beautiful and so uplifting. This years Motion was my 3rd,and my favorite....soo much so,myself and my friends were in tears because we never wanted to leave. I had made Motion my home,and it's given me reasons to keep going in life. Struggling everyday to find beauty in the world can be really hard,but you've given me that hope to keep going. And nothing in my life will be as memorable as Motion Notion. Motion gave me a place in the world. A place where I can run around and have krazy adventures with people who share the same love of music as I do. It gave me a chance to be with friends I rarely get to see, and it gave me that hope that everything will be alright in the end. Life scares the hell out of me,and I find myself always lost.....but you gave me reason to find myself. And I did....Motion gave me that chance. So thank you soo soo much.I don't know what I'd do without people like you in the world. 

Amanda Roth

 This was my second MoNo and once again I was mind blown. Such awesome vibes. Beautiful people! I spent a few nights dancing the night away on my own and made so many friends in my festival travels! ... Metasphere was amazing! I loved Kaminanda and Sons of Aurora was absolutely mind blowing. Such a pleasure. I can't wait to go home again next year. MoNo has seriously put peace into my mind and soul. Loved every minute of it.

Alison Corns

 The talent of artists brought in this year was superb, the stages looked amazing, and I love the fact that alcohol is allowed, because ive been to a fair share of festivals and allowing alcohol is not like it makes everyone more rowdy, people are still very respectful so please stick to that : )

Stuart James W  

Motion Notion attracts a higher proportion of people from the city than other festivals in the mountains of BC. Motion Notion's attendees are a little bit younger and a little less jaded compared to other similar music festivals. As a result of this younger, urban demographic, the attendees are more open and friendly to everyone because they view the festival as a place to break free from their normal lives. It's not full of judgemental hippies upset that the crowds from the city aren't buying their shitty jewelry, it's packed full of people taking an opportunity to be more than just themselves and to open up to each other in an uncommon environment. It's not a quinoan pissing contents, it's fun.

Richard Drummond

 Time of my life like every year. Can i come back early?

Chey Bradley 

All the tits. My momma raised no liar haha

Charlie Lima  

PLEASE HAVE EVERY MONO HERE FOR THE REST OF EXISTENCE!!!! it was fricken stunning, and by far the best of the 5 festivals I have been to thus far ♥ so much love, the vendors were amazing, the dj's unreal, love love love ♥ it's radical you can park with your vehicle and there is lots of tree space

Joel Eliezer Santiago Ramos 

the artists & people

Melanie Ashmead

 PSYTRANCE, good people, breathtaking scenery.

Damian D-noms Williams

 Best people, vibes, love, you had no worries and when you were down some one brought u up and other then that its really something you just have to experiance

Dustin Halbert 

This was my first year at Motion Notion my car actually broke down on the side of the highway getting to the festival. I didnt let it bring me down and continued on our way to the event, the weekend that followed was well worth the effort. The people attending and the staff attending / working the event made it all worth while. So glad to have met the people we met.. and enjoyed the experiences we did. You will deffinately be seeing me back. Thank you.

Shayda Yazdanmehr

 Meeting of spirits that have waited for each other amazing music, beautiful vibrations. Love love love

Amanda Sinclair

 Music was amazing as usual. The lights were awesome. Also with the EMS spread throughout the place this year was I think better for those who needed the care. The EMS were amazing ppl as usual. Had a wonderful time.


I just want to say that i had the time of my life at this years Notion!! i came up from montana to dance my ass off and that i did.. we talked a little early saturday when astral projection came out.. i love the outdoors, i live my life to experience the world and all of its glory and motion notion was absolutly magical. I truely think that the energy and vibes that everyone produced at the show brought the wonderful and utterly amazing northern lights and the beautiful storm clouds that we all gazed at in aww. I met sooo wany awsome,openminded and layed back people that i will never forget.. I hopefully will get to help set up yag camp next year with some of the boys. I went in the sauna with some fellas and i tell ya what that is a must.. Iv been traveling all over, and i had to make a stop for motion notion even though it was waaay out of the way..i had to drive ALLL the way to california the monday after, and thats where i am now for a way

Matthew Delbeke

We all have very different lives and backgrounds and we all have different expectations but for one brief moment in those lives for four amazing days, we have no expectations, no needs, no high horse to look down from and no-where else we'd rather be. To all my fellow and favorite party people, all I can say is thanks and lets do it all again next year please. Can we, can we ???

Tee Far

 Such awesome people , had so much fun , K ISLAND loves you!

Taryn Bear

All of it was amazing! I really hope I'll be able to go again next year. Everybody i met was so wonderful, and the location was insanely beautiful, and the music was just perfect. Like a lovely dream ♥

Ryan Deeks

Purple fuzzy unicorn golf carts with awesome music parked directly outside of my tent. It's the overwhelmingly friendly people and really laid back feel that I love about Motion Notion. The scenery in this location is awesome too!

Andre Lalonde

A child's rhyme stuck in my head. It said that life is but a dream. I've spent so many years in question, to find I've known this all along....

Glen King

and hula hooping & yoga.......

Matt Godfray

 At Motion Notion you can be whoever you want, do whatever you want, and love anyone and everyone and everyone there is entirely accepting of it. The sense of community and acceptance and understanding is why I love it. I made so many new friends this year and I can't wait to see them all again next year, where I'm sure I'll meet even more amazing people! I love my MoNo family, every last one of you! Keep being fantastic! I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Nicole Olsen

 THE DUBSTEP!!! Stage 2 was the best!!!!!

Amanda Roth

This was my first mono and overall the people are incredible! I felt like I was at home!!! The music was amazing! It blew my mind... Ive never felt so comfortable and welcome in so many people. I will be going every year from now on. I was completely mind blown and felt like a whole new person after mono!

Thea Gilchrist 

the people, the music, the friendship, the generosity, the love. i will definitely be back. thanks ♥

Gregg Wachtel

 camping was a breeze. entry was a breeze. music was super great. tons of dance floor room. very beautiful epic view from my tent in the morning.

Kylee Liepert

I personally love the fact that everyone is accessible. We met some amazing people, and hung out with the DJ's. The location is unreal as well.

David Kobasiuk

 Because...IT'S MOTION NOTION!!!

Thomas Keller

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of a music festival that allows me to shine and to be the best person i can. 

Morley Rigged 

The flow of the music. I mentioned this to a few other attendees during the festival. Motion notion always has a great flow to the music IE they dont play Drum and base first thing in the morning when festivalers might be trying to sleep.I would like to add that Mono has overall the best music out of any outdoor Canadian music festival I've been too.

Sean Holroyd

 Oh and line up and location...yup I guess everything was great.

Robbie McAteer

 Sax, dubs, and violins!!

Davey Kerr

 The talent up on the stage was incredible ... never heard a better line up, one after the other consistently top-notch! Saturday night full-on psy was the most fun for me!! Again, left in awe of how good a time I had - was not expecting to have so much fun - but the crowds are an adventure and the people fantastic. ThanksKatalyst!

Michelle Carchrae

I just couldn't contain the grin on my face or the dance in my feet. Thank you for restoring my faith in mankind, for perservering through the obstacles and for bringing such excellent music to edmonton. 

Sean Holroyd

 The festival was amazing in terms of stage design, sound and organization, but for me it was the people I met. I would definitely come back just to see those peeps again! Festivals like motion notion brings out the best.

Chuck Bizzle

 For me it was the land and all the friendly people. So beautiful camping in the mountains. Also every year I go I meet so many new awesome people

Kimberly Dancingbunny 

dancing barefoot in a meadow filled with daisies and buttercups in the beautiful rocky mountains :)

Reed Keryluke


Nataysha Rules

It was my first year attending but not the last!!! Aside from the most excellent vibe and mind blowing DJs (djnoiz, southern swagger and djgeo to drop a few), reuniting with an old bud was a blessing. The whole experience was fantastic and in the MOUNTAINS! WOW just WOW! See yous next year xoxox

Steve Roland

The weekend was MAGICAL. The stages were MIND BLOWING, the people were having the time of their lives, the mountains, the music amazing every night. It set the stage for a shining example of what I hold as the pinnacle of my year, festival season.


It was my first time (certainly not my last) and I had a fantastic, mystical, unforgettable time. Old friends, new friends, conversations and lessons from the Creator. And then there was the music!! Gosh! AMAZING!! Words do not do justice. 

Codi Hatfield

 Oh and breakfast poutine

Kevin Pelletier

I really loved the mountain view. People were friendly. (A little too friendly? Hmm...) The sun was shining, the music was banging, and the girls were naked... What's not to love? Maybe the tent leaking? Nah, even that was fun trying to find where it was leaking from....

Matt Kloeck

 It was the community for me everyone was so full of love and was so willing to help each other that it felt like family


Hey Katalyst... Just wanted to write a note to say how entirely wicked this past weekends party was...Motion Notion....I'm Australian & have been going to parties on and off since i was 16 so that would be over 10 years now and without a word of exaggeration this was the best party ive ever been too.....It completely blitz's everything....And just when you thought your life couldn't get any better and had settled for less....My friends and i arrived at about 12 midnight Friday night to the enchanted lanterns, amazing art and visual projections and party atmosphere....Ive never been to such a friendly event....I loved how chilled everyone was during the day....On Saturday floated about peacefully in the river to the wicked tunes flowing from the sound-system and after sat writing by the banks in the shade amongst the trees eating oranges and watermelon bought from the vendors....It was too nice....The place was so clean and so un-dusty compared to other outdoor events ive been to in Aussie....I was completely blown away as well by how well organized everything was....All the workshops and films (Amazing selection) and the cleanliness of everything....Always loo paper and the water tent where there was free, cold, fresh water....A far cry from some parties where they shut off the washroom taps so you can purchase overpriced bottles of water....Mmmm just wanted to share my happiness and express appreciation for the best weekend of my life....So big thumbs up and cheers....I hope i can be in Canada for another one....Thanks heaps.... 

Chelsea Horne

 that indescribable energy created when loving people, beautiful music, freedom and nature collide!!!! mmmmm

Kevin Farrington

 1st year and I'm a 11 year Sham veteran. AweSome!!!!! Location, vibe, people, stages, djs. I am returning next year with more people for sure! Really enjoyed the more small town vibe more that the chaos of people at Shamb. Cant wait for next year!


I think if you keep doing what your doing its going to get bigger and bigger...werd of mouth is what it takes. Shambalah is the same way....I have to say you did a great job on variety of music I know that was a key factor in alot of my friends going this year. I totally enjoyed Motion Notion this year and have already convinced a number of people who didn't come this year to go next year....so I'll see ya at sonic playground and next year same place! PS this should have been first.....THANKYOU very much for throwing one of the best parties I've been to in a long time! 

Dan Derksen

 The VJ's were really good this year too! it's something I am paying attention to more at shows, and some of the performances were really inspiring, as it's an area I'm trying to also learn and get better at. I was really enjoying this one performance that someone was doing that was mixing logo's of thousands of big name companies from around the world, but making it all glitched out and mashed up.

Daemion Steel 

First year in five years that I've missed :(

Sheri Whey

 The beautiful locations, the friendliest people, being outdoors the whole time. Loved it all !

Ashraff EL-Sharkawi 

Motion Notion was the most amazing exerience I have ever had in my 22 years of life. I celebrated my birthday(july 19th) with all of the amazing people that attended the festival. The location was absolutely beautiful. I want to live at beaverfoot lodge :D This was my first Mono, and now I am going to go every year for life. Thank you to everyone who made my experience that much more special. ♥


This will have been the party of the year for me, the location was fckn spectacular, weather was amazing, good vibes throughout and the music lineup was quite impressive (being a breaks fiend i don't usually like most of the thumping 4/4 played) with psy, breaks and even trip hop (props again on your set james, definately different which is lacking in most sets) 

Karina Hildebrandt

 PK sound in the middle of nowhere!!!!! Loved it

Shanti Devi

 Does anyone know how to get some music from that dude (from sunday) playing the violin to sexy dub in da metasphere!? He was amazing. Ps ENCORE! Can we please do another mono before summer ends??

Dj Threesixty

 Loved that it was so close to Home! Golden Loves MoNo! Amazing weather this year too.

Jean-François Racine 

What is great is Love, Color, Passion, Sharing, Smiles. Makes my Heart Beats so hard. Thank you (L)

Dallas Holmes

Hands down the people. From the attendees, the organisers, the volunteers and the d.j.'s. Everyone is so open and welcoming its absolutely amazing. This is my third year running, and I have yet to witness an altercation or violence. Try to find that in a bar or club. Motion notion changed my life the moment I first stepped foot there. Not a year goes by I don't feel blessed to have been introduced to such an amazing vibe and community and I thank my best buds for introducing me from the bottom of my heart. I've since been able to introduce it to other newcomers and nothing makes me happier than to see the same love and awe take them over and light up their eyes! My only depressing thought is the year long wait till next time. See you all next year :)

Alanna McKeigue

The wildest party I have ever been to!!!! I am definitely going to make it a tradition and come every year and bring tons of people!!!! 

Jd Lux

 Amazing stages. Amazing talent. Very little douche baggery. Alcohol allowed on premises, PK Sound, a ton of amazing camping spots, glacier cold swimming hole and the deluxe pulled pork sandwich was the best I ever ate.

Jered Stuffco

Dear Katalyst I thought motion notion was absolutely amazing! The music was stellar and the vibe was fantastic. Rangeton park was also an amazing location and the weather? Could not have been better. I know at least two dozen people--rock and roll types included--who would have had a total blast...next year, I' m bringing more friends! 

Rob Quirey

 Oh and how could I forget! The stages, the lasers, the lights, and the artwork were all incredible. Many thanks to all the organizers and the crew for making this the biggest and best MoNo yet, while keying down on the douche factor! ;P And also, kudos to the larger variety of vendors this year. I felt quite spoiled for choice and ended up walking away with some awesome merch which I'm sure I'll keep ahold of for quite some time.

Christie Sinclair

 my first festival experience and it wont be my last. Motion Notion I will be back for years to come. Thanks. great music, people, costumes, stages, food , people ... amazing!

Charlie Shane

Totally didn't know what to expect, never going to one. Being a BC boy, I would have to say that the location is PERFECT. Not too far from Van, not too far from Alberta.......just right. Stage location was tight. The trees presented a sound buffer between stages that was totally amazing. The vibe, the people, the music.....couldn't have been better. I mean, who has two thumbs and LOVES being woken up by 6am Psy-trance every morning?THIS GUY :)

AllieKat Photography

 Wicked stages, amazing talent, top notch hospitality, great weather, beautiful site, beautiful people. I could go on!

Matt Delbeke (and Englishman in Calgary!!)

Thanks for an amazing weekend, great organization and attention to detail, my legs will never be the same again, what a great bunch of people to spend a weekend with, as the Sun came up on Sunday morning with such amazing music and energy from everyone, the moment will always be with us. First time I’ve been and probable one of the best events that I can remember. Cheers guys, see you next year. 

Taco and Lara

The location was great, the people were really cool, and the music was absolutely awesome. I've been to Burning Man five times, and I'd have to say that Motion Notion had a lot of the same great energy and spirit that makes Burning Man so great. Hat's off to you for all your hard work. It is much appreciated.

Michael Speichts

 I had the time of my life. Never had such an amazing experience culminate into just four short days. Being given the opportunity to play the Temple again was an honour and I hope my Epic/Uplifting trance set payed proper homage. The food was stellar as always, the stages were incredible, the sound was pure bliss, the weather was perfect, so many amazing hearts to meet and greet. Motion Notion is my home and no festival will come close to giving me the feeling that MoNo does.

Robert Redmond

Motion notion is just amazing. Any ego's, judgements, and attitudes are checked at the gate. The people are what make motion notion the great event it is. People from all walks of life can come together and enjoy bangin music!

Carolyn Manhas

 The BEST DJ's, people, picturesque setting wow! I saw a UFO too...even the aliens agree, MoNo is the place to beeeeeee!

Tanya Garner Spurlock

 Best vibe out of all of the festivals and concerts I have been to yet! This was our first, and we were already planning for next year before we left camp!

Jd Lux

 Not having 300 shirtless dudes flexing at the beach all day was a bonus too.

Jay Vandorp

best show EVER!!!!!!!! I will be coming every year until i die or until you no longer do them..... god forbid

Chelsie Emery

 Location is majestic! Line up was sooooo good. It was hard to decide which stage to go to since all of the artists were so good! The people are always so friendly and laid back! Always willing to lend a hand whether it be setting up camp or showing some hoop moves agreed schedules would have been nice or something that showed who was playing at the stage. More garbages and recycling could have been useful, however would have been nice to see people respect the land more. Kudos on the porta potties! Always had TP this year!!

RD Murray

I think that alot of people are fairly apathetic and don't realize how amazing an experience like motion notion can be...... what an amazing weekend it was.. the psy-trance at an outdoor party really allows for one to make a spiritual connection with this universe and I thank you for putting on a party and creating an environment that is literally a parallel universe when compared to the mundane regular existence that we are so often forced to come back in to. Thanks so much. 

Triple T Mat 

Motion Notion was a spiritual get away that cleanses the body, mind and soul. Good Vibes, Good People, Good Party !!!

Ashley Birdsell

 The music was amazing and the incredible happy vibes that everyone brought. Favourite moment when the clean up crew come in on Sunday and we had already cleaned most of the cabana. Looks on their faces was priceless. Can't wait for next year. Thanks James

Rob Quirey

 Man, where to begin...

Ryan Samol

It's the people that makes it so great. Followed by the stages and the atmosphere. It truly was the best party that I ever been too!! :)

Peter Willott

 Loved it lots of room for everyone. Loved the space!

Craig R. Palmer

I love that I can be as damn weird as I want and nobody cares.\

Christelle Toffel

  Wow, wow, wow!!! My first time @ MoNo and I live in Calgary for 12 years what a shame but at least i finally experienced it just for 2 days because of the mudslide but I will be back every year for the all 5 days! Rave to the grave!!! :) I have lived in Europe for 22 years and experienced a lot of different music festivals like MoNo but I have to say that you guys are really putting a lot of effort into the atmosphere and you are doing a great job because we can feel the amazing vibe all over! The stages were amazing and I loved the fact that you had these independent stages but I wish they were indicated better as I only found 2 and apparently they were 3 of them. The main stage was my favorite decoration wise... By night the all ground looked so different but so trippy and happy!!! Full of happy people bouncing around to the dirty beats! :) The scenery also played a big role! Wow, waking up with this mountain view is just phenomenal! That little place is absolutely gorgeous and in the middle of nowhere which is absolutely awesome to be closer to nature, the roots of who we really are essentially. That in itself is called PARADISE to me!!! The camp grounds were really kept clean just like the portable washrooms. Very impressive! The fact that you can bring your own booze is def a plus too; it keeps peeps from drinking too much and doing too many drugs and completely get out of control which I have seen a lot in Alberta! LOL The environment there made you feel completely free of your worries and other BS you have to deal with on a daily basis in your normal life! Going to MoNo was like an out of the body experience for me where I was able to forget about everything for just 2 days and truly be who I was: just a human being!!! So congrats on this great success and I can see that I am not the only one thinking that! Keep it up !!! Peace & Love everyone and see u all next year! ♥

Brad Matthiessen

 Better stages. Better music. Line up was great. My favorite festival so far. Great people. Great vendors. Great job. Tigg's.

Dustin Lewis

 Cause motion notion straight up just kicks ass 5 years 4 me and I can't even image life with motion notion every year I only get to see most of the crew at that time so without mono the crew wouldn't see each other even once a year so keep mono alive

Charles McManus

 Brilliant vibes

Miranda Fyfe

It's an awesome vibe. Always felt welcoming, and warm. I loved every minute of it. From the dj's, decorations, and performers. But last but not least the friends I made. It's an experience I will never forget. Can't fricken wait till next year!!

Michael Cornale

 this was my first MoNo and i can honestly say it was one of the best festivals ive ever been to!!! the site itself is so beautiful, the people were amazing and super friendly, the stages were breathtaking and line up was absolutely top notch, could not have asked for a better time and i cant wait till next year!!!

Sasha Glidden

Just the chill vibe and the ability to be yourself without any judgement, I love how everyone can be in one spot for a weekend and not even one fight or argument...the feeling from being there is out of this world amazing! Thanks for the best weekend of my life, and thanks to all the staff, security, vendors, DJ's and to everyone who showed up! This has by far changed my life and the memories will always remain in my heart! Peace & love all, see you next year :)

Andrew Brittner 

absolutely everything

Alex Newton

where to begin? how about the amazing positive feeling you get from everyone around you the fact that people go out of their way to say hi or something nice to you it was so awesome meeting new people there was so many different types of food all around the best time ever i will definitely be attending next year

Kaiete Nichol

 Such a beautiful location, great people, amazing stages! James always puts on a great event though!

Matt Feathers Ward

 Everything. Although the dance workshop at the megasphere made me so intune with the earth and myself. Never experienced anything like it. Much love for MoNo!!

jole danielson

The parties you throw are always very meaningful to me. they are long lasting memories which affect the way i feel, think, act, live, love, etc. I want to thank you for the environments you create in which people are comfortable and influenced to grow and discover themselves in new ways. 

Evening Skyy

Motion Notion is love. 

Rachelle BraundHard

 All that love, and all those hugs!

Lorelle Brianna Mary

!  the people are what makes the huge difference! i'd rather surround myself with great people and awesome music! i LOVE how there is 3-4 stages. because we all have that moment where it like "time to change". AND YOU CAN! i really realized how much i loved this when at Loki and again at Full Flex Express. the more stages the better!!! :D

Melissa Laderoute

 Camp fires, dancing, costumes, camping, DJ's & beautiful scenery!!!! Nothing can top MoNo for me!!! Can't wait for next year!!!

Lorelle Brianna Mary 

This so far is mine and my boyfriends favorite festival

Jordena Chuu Zaro

 sleeping in front of main stage on an air mattress yes so many yes

Hilda Charmaine Burke  

Just to be myself for a brief moment in time, makes this festival so special for me. There is no judgement or criticism, just love and acceptance. Being able to share this time with my son and all my adopted kids; which seems to grow every year, makes it even more amazing for me. The site this year was phenomenal, nothing better than waking up to mountains and sunshine. Looking forward to next year.

Shanti Devi

 I love that it was out in the wilderness, surrounded by nature and beauty. The people were dope little elvin folk and chillers from all over, full of smiles and kindness. Not too big, not too busy. Friends to be made everywhere! Do another one before the summer ends pleeeeeease. Same spot. ENCORE!!!!!!!!!!

Easton Bittner

 I loved it because the stages were absolutely amazing, if i wasn't loving the music at one I always had a variety of music to choose from. The poutine and pizza was godly! I've never had poutine so great before haha. I also loved the environment and general vibe of the whole festival, everyone was so loving and happy, you could literally (and I did) go up to random campsites and just hang out with some strangers and make some awesome new friends! I met so many interesting and friendly people who were all eager to talk and chill with me. It also helped that we somehow managed to find the lineup and exact times for every stage on the ground lol! Thanks for making my first MoNo a great one!

Mark Nevile-Smith

 My second festival and it was amazing! Great atmosphere, awesome music and fantastic people! Made some great friends. I still can't stop thinking of all the fun I had! Even found a real secret beach Already looking into other ones to go to this summer. Two thumbs up MoNo!! Looking forward to seeing more photos!

Daemion Steel  

First year in five years that I've missed :( *