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Vendors, Attractions & More

There are many things to see and do at Motion Notion (and in local BC and Alberta). The festival is designed to give you the freedom and comfort to enjoy the great outdoors while listening to fantastic music with your fellow MoNoers.  Check out some of what makes Motion Notion so awesome...


Yummy food vendors are coming to the festival. No need to bring your own food! A big selection of wholesome eats!
Meat/veggie Mexican-style tacos, organic veggie thai curry, wood-fired pizza, poutine of all kinds, beef/chicken donairs, chicken kebabs, sweet/savory healthy crepes, pulled-pork sandwiches, chicken souvlaki, salads, teriyaki, hotdogs, burgers, meat/veggie wraps, rice bowls, asian stir-fried noodles with veg or meat, organic rice-veggie bowls, pancakes, organic juice and smoothies, garlic bread, greek salad, superfood/raw snacks, gluten free options, chocolate bars, gum, fruit shakes, juice, chai tea, coffee, lattes, capuchino, kombucha, coconut water, hot chocolate, pop, energy drinks, bottled water, etc, etc. There will also be bagged ice for sale.



Wicked Southern BBQ

Smoke’s Poutinerie

Smoking Hot Donairs

Thai on the Fly

Fiery Greek BBQ & Grill

Far East Food Service

MorningWood Coffee Cart

El Coroto Kitchen LTD

Govinda’s Veggie Bomb

Divine Crepes


Raw Juice Co

Lil Kombucha Tea Co



710 Shattered

Affinity Alchemy

Astala Creations

Astral Projections

Beyond the Spectrum

Bolli Imports

The Brain Candy


Elven Forest

Glitz n Glam

Golden Scarab

Highlife Festival Supply

House of Commune

Inhale Oxygen Bar

Kruked Designs

Lewis Mayhem

LightBox Project Inc

Lumen’s Muse

Luna Charlotte Art

OceanMagma Design

Pink Opal Dreams


Rabbit & Empee

Radiant Life Hoops

Tourism Merritt


PERFORMERS!  Belly-dancers, flaggers, live-painters, contortonists, and more

Performers from far and wide converge on the festival to show their stuff! Anyone is welcome to perform where and when they wish so long as they abide by all laws of the land and don't destroy anything!. Fire performers require a 5 pound dry-chemical fire extinguisher to be with them at all times they are performing.  If you are a performer and have special requests or want to establish a time & place to perform a special show and/or be added to the schedule, please contact the artist manager at: mnartistbookings at gmail dot com.


If you turn your car or golf cart into a work of art, you are welcome to drive it around the grounds (with our permission).



RCMP are welcome at the festival and you might see them bouncing along to the nice music! We also have 24-hour professional security from the largest international security company, first-aid/EMS tent, and sanctuary safe-zone for attendees well-being.



Most cell phone providers have mobile phone coverage at the site. The festival will be equipped with well-maintained porta-potties (cleaned 2-3 times daily), optional flush toilet facility (one-time charge for unlimited use of the 'Posh Potties'), and hot-water showers ($7 each). Electrical plug-ins are available for vendors only. ATM and battery re-charge station at the water/ice tent by Main Stage. Free water will be accessible, but a boil advisory is in effect, so please drink at your own risk. Additional ATM at the front gate.