About | Motion Notion


Motion Notion is now located in the heart of the beautiful Canadian Cascade mountain range near Merritt, BC, and lives within the hearts of many in the Canadian music festival culture.

Those who have experienced the freedom, energy and visual and aural artistry that we and the attendees have helped create over these past 19 years can attest to its truly transformative spirit and beauty. Journey to our magical world and be delighted by the best musical and artistic acts on the planet in one of the most stunning settings on Earth.

The festival values and codes of conduct are simple but strong:
1) Respect other's space, time, and opinion.
2) Non-violent conflict resolution.
3) Care for nature, others and yourself.



'Motion Notion' can be understood as the 'Movement Idea' - the concept that the flux of the universe is constantly flowing and changing, and is the essence of Being. Everything in our universe maintains this continuous flux as long as it exists. Movement, therefore - is Existence.

Experiencing music and art in nature helps people to feel the essence of Humanity, the Earth, and the Universe... One sacred rhythm beats within all people and throughout space and time.