Event | Motion Notion


Motion Notion Festival is an exploration of electronic music, art, nature, and the infinite in the heart of Rocky Mountains near Golden BC, Canada.
Motion Notion has always been something off the beaten path and a thing of discovery and amazement for all. Welcome to freedom and growth!

The festival values and codes of conduct are simple but strong:
1) Respect other's space, time, and opinion.
2) Non-violent conflict resolution.
3) Care for nature, others and yourself.



'Motion Notion' is a name with meaning.  It can be understood as the 'Movement Idea' - the concept that the flux (constant flowing and change) of the universe is the essence of Being, and that every human, planet, solar system, and galaxy maintains this continuous flux as long as it exists. Movement is Existence.

"Experiencing music and art in nature helps people to feel the essence of Humanity, the Earth, and the Universe... One sacred rhythm beats within all people and throughout space and time- this primal pulse is what I endeavor to understand and why I continue to create the Motion Notion Festival." -James Katalyst (Festival founder)