For over a decade the Neon Army and Schwag Dankus has been holding it down and keeping it real that is of course with providing a seriously high energy one of a kind performance with costume changes , excitement, mystery, and of course playfully happy go lucky full on psychedelic trance , he doesnt get booked for his laser precise mixing or his hand picked krushers but for the experience that proceeds this infamous dj .


"Bridging Earth with the cosmos and the ancient past with the present future Merkaba delivers a fresh and balanced energy to the realm of trance. He guides the dance floor on a journey through shadow and light, mind and emotion, intention and direction, reflecting our empowered and divine nature to us through alchemical audio. Incarnated into human form in Australia and now a world citizen he draws deep creative influence from the beauty of Earth and her nature.


DJ Emok is co-founder of the record label Iboga records. Together with label partner Banel, Iboga has successfully grown from strength to strength since its creation in 1996 to become internationally recognised today as one of the most respected and successful record labels in the world.


Coming Soon!!! is the fresh progressive trance project of producers Irad Brant & Dui Bitton which came to life in 2012.

Both artists have been active in the international psychedelic trance circuit for over a decade, each leading a successful solo project.
After years of friendship and motivation for change these two bright souls decided to join hands and work on a new progressive oriented project. The alias chosen 'Coming Soon!!!' describes well their motivation to produce fresh and innovative progressive sounds.


After the global success of 'Unleash The Beat', and a succession of hit tracks over the last few years, Sonic Species is now established as one of the UK's top artists. Having performed repeatedly at many of the world's leading international events, the signature Sonic Species sound is now blasting loud in all four corners of the globe.


Shadow Fx was created in 2002 by James Hayes from Melbourne, Australia. James started his musical career studying and playing drums and guitar in high school. Then at the age of seventeen he discovered psytrance in and around the famous trance hotspot of Byron Bay. After listening to and Djing the music for several years, he decided to move to Melbourne and make a serious effort to put his own mark on the scene. He set himself up with a small studio and started to produce full time, leading him to the smooth and refined sound for which he is known today.


Algernon started producing electronic music in 2003, forming half of the Electroholics duo, and in 2006 made his debut release. In 2009 he released his "Positive Thought" album; "This is Not a Workshop" on UP Records Australia.