Disociate is not the type to cut corners or make sacrifices just to please the masses. This young producer has a taste cultured beyond his years and is determined to put in the work to bring it to the forefront. Drawing influence from the shuffles of 2-step, liquid, jungle and boundary pushing sounds yet to be labelled. With tempo’s roaming from 60 to 170bpm, he isn't afraid to explore a variety of rhythms and sounds. The one thing consistent is the quality of the vibes.



Ben Annand has been a mover and shaker in the house and techno scene in Los Angeles since he first started djing in 1996. He holds dj residencies at 3 of California’s top parties – Tropical and Moontribe in the L.A. area, and Forward in San Francisco. He has played in most major U.S cities, and internationally in Japan, Russia, England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Ecuador, and Mexico. Highlights include Wiggle at Fabric in London, 2 times at Labyrinth Festival in Japan, and 14 visits to Moscow’s Propaganda Club.

Ben Annand


"There are chance occurrences in today’s sales-driven entertainment markets to witness amazingly raw, unbridled talent, the pioneering spirit behind Whitebear may easily serve as a textbook example and has been leaving many listeners speechless with the sophistication of his musical expression, as he progresses into greater and greater depths of electronica.



The psydub duo Land Switcher invites you to a cosmic journey through colors, grooves and intriguing atmospheres ...
By meeting in 2010, the two musicians in love with Dub have acquired new capabilities as producers of electronic music and have never stopped experimenting new techniques in their sound design.
With a joyful live that takes us across continents and a constantly expanding catalog, they begin to fully exploit the potential of their union and are currently determined to get you into their universe.

Land Switcher


Australian Music Producer and Founder of Merkaba Music, Kalya (Ka –lee- yah) Scintilla ( Sin–till –ah) has always had a love for music; playing in garage bands, banging on drum kits, spinning vinyl in the night clubs of Sydney and getting down to funk! Kalya had a knowing one night listening to one of the most profound pieces of visionary music from the legendary Herbie Hancock, that his soul’s mission was to make music his life’s devotion.

Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution


In a feedback loop of adventure, music, and love, CloZee and her fans are ready to let the force of the sound carry everyone to places they have never been before. Being based simultaneously in Toulouse, France and on stages across the world makes this electronic musician stand out. With inspirations far afield from music – a painting, the weather, a
dream – in her craft, Chloé Herry’s derivations are difficult to trace. Under the broad structure of electronic and bass music, and informed by sound the world over, Clozee finds her best fit in World Bass’ corner.



Space Mantra is a project that works with trance medicine sounds that help raise our vibrational state and create beautiful realities.

Space Mantra has shared stage with DJ Treavor Moontribe from Desert Dwellers, Olli Wisdom from Space Tribe, Tomasz Balicki aka Atmos, Blue lunar Monkey, Nokturnal, Jay Michael etc...

The SoundCloud content at is not available, or it is set to private.


“Genesa represents a Super Energy System that serves to clear the way for anything you want to do.”

Promoting opportunity in various aspects, The Genesa Project strives to showcase rising talent alongside bigger names. Having the opportunity as a young, inspired artist to work with the very source of inspiration can do wonders for motivation and drive. Whatever the medium, be it through music, art, fashion or general ideas, The Genesa Project aims to connect people within the community and make dreams come true.


Float on the warm currents of TOYO's ambient sound, created with a positive and experimental energy.
Toyo is the downtempo face of prolific producer Jarrod Bartlett, Toyo's productions are refined, chilled out and heavily textured. Having played guitar for as long as he can remember, Toyo blends organic and synthesized instruments in his live shows.

The SoundCloud content at is not available, or it is set to private.