VJ PARALLX | Motion Notion


Starting at an early age with ray traced renderings of teapots and a steady diet of ReBoot an aspiring digital artist was born. Through early love affairs with Bryce 3d on to more mature fascinations with Maya and Cinema 4d, digital environments and surreal landscapes have always fascinated with the power of control and infinite customization. Some what later a photography passion was born out of these digital roots further refining ideas of composition and lighting. Over the intervening years many projects have combined photography, 3d animation, graphic design and technology to establish a well rounded portfolio of skills and capabilities. Recently adventures into live visualizations and film work have necessitated the creation of a new brand 'Parallx' to differentiate this stream of creativity from past effort and to chart a new course forward.

Aside from the Parallx project Jabez Wray is also a photographer, web designer and technology director for MEMETIC and its annual music festival MEME (Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition).