VJ JAMES | Motion Notion


VJ James has been poking his head into the VJ scene since 2005 - usually in the company of his friend and live PA artist - Phonotactic.

Returning to Motion Notion for the sixth time, VJ James uses the multi screen experience as a single wide canvas on which to beam color and motion in synchronicity to the energy and music.

No two main stage appearances are the same - the DJ brings the sound, PK brings the power, the crowd brings the life... queue VJ James who makes choices for the visual mix on the fly and the result is a first time experience for the artist.

"Recently in Montreal I went out in search of new footage. I found myself drawn away from the crowds and festival attractions. Dark alleys and sketchy parts of the downtown core revealed the greatest treasures; color, abstract beauty, soulful street art and elegant Graffiti - all completely missed by thousands of tourists."

"My favorite footage comes from the streets and my favorite place to bring it alive is at Motion Notion."

Happy Motion Notion 2015!