VJ HFOUR | Motion Notion


Stuart James W is a classically trained Canadian media artist who spent several years in Tokyo during they heyday of its live video performance art scene. His accessible style reflects a collection of experiences in the art world, the luxury lifestyle world and the FMCG brand world.

Initially trained in Fine Arts, focusing on oil painting, he made the transition to digital media in 2000 beginning with scanned negative photography and progressing to video and installations a few years later. With a strong base in aesthetics, art theory, art history and design principles, Stuart creates work which breaks down the public’s barriers to art, yet and finds itself in the realm of contemporary Fine Art.

Specializing in live video performance, exhibition, and projection mapping he has created installations for fashion shows, luxury events, club nights, festivals and art spaces. His current artistic interests include 3D projection mapping and multi-sensory experiential pieces, collaborating with musicians and other performers. Stuart has a pragmatic sense to his work, which is celebrated in both the art world and the business world.

Stuart James W founded Hfour, a boutique design/art company, in 2008. Hfour is a fluid collaborative experience of technical directors, programmers, film-makers, designers, illustrators and animators whose skills are collectively celebrated to solve design challenges and create art.