Vending Agreement for 2018 | Motion Notion

Vending Agreement for 2018

Event Name, Dates, Hours

Motion Notion Festival

August 23 – August 27, 2018

Early Entry admission opens at 9am August 24 (Thursday)

General admission opens at 9am August 25 (Friday)

Event ends at 12-noon on August 28 (Monday)

Music runs 24hrs per day ending at about 9am Monday.

Vendors must arrive between 12pm to 7pm Wednesday August 23, must stay for the duration of the event (until at least 9am Monday) and may leave as late as 5pm Monday.


Vendors will be contacted by May 31, 2018 with acceptance decisions.



Due Dates

JULY 15 2018: We must receive your signed contract and payment for vending.

AT THE GATE: All workers and owners must have a pre-purchased ticket or purchase a ticket on arrival at the cash gate-price.

Fees And Tickets

  1. Vending Fee: $299 (plus taxes and fees) must be recieved by July 15th, 2018. This can be paid online via ShowPass if you are selected. Please bring your printed recept if you purchase online.

  2. Festival Tickets: Every person must purchase a ticket. The vending fee does not include any tickets. Tickets are available in advance online or the shops listed at They can also be purchased at the gate price in cash on arrival (more expensive). Entry tickets cannot be purchased by cheque.

  3. Vehicle Fees: Car/Truck $20; Trailer $20; RV/Cube Van $40. Payable in cash on arrival. Re-Entry is charged at same rate.

Type and Number of Vendors

There is a limit to the number of food vendors, but send in this contract anyway. We will confirm all food vendors by July 1 at the latest. We will let you know if you are not accepted as soon as we know.

There is no limit to the number of merchandise or service vendors- We may however deny your booth if you plan to sell products or services that are immoral, dangerous or not consistent with the festival’s values, in which case you will be contacted and your money will be refunded. 

Arrival and Booth Placement

Vendors MUST ARRIVE between 12noon-7pm on Wednesday August 23. Festival staff will be on-site to point you where to set up. All vendors are to set up at the bottom end of Camping 2 field near the Main Stage.

Spaces are given on a first-come, first-served basis, however certain spaces have been reserved close to the Temple Stage for vendors that have been coming to the festival for a long time or vendors who add entertainment to the festival.

Maintain a 7 meter two-way roadway.

Vendors may park and camp behind their shops. The maximum size each vendor may occupy is 20’x40’ including vehicles, tents and camping. Each vendor is allocated a maximum frontage of 20’ facing the pedestrian traffic and must allow for other vendors to occupy space directly next to their space (vehicles, RVs and camping tents must not encroach upon prime shop-frontage space)

Infinite Events reserves the right to designate or move the location of the vendor booths at any time.


Merchandise & services vendors will be provided with one 120volt circuit regular “household-style” 3-prong outlet for lighting only

Food vendors will be provided with the style of plug-ins such as range-plugs they require so long as they explain their needs on this agreement.

A few electrical distribution panels will be spaced throughout the vending areas.  Vendors are responsible for their own electrical extension cords and power bars. Up to 300 feet of quality extension cord may be required to run from the distribution panel to your booth (thicker is better- at least 12 gauge for 100’ or less, or 10 gauge for over 100’ lengths. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the cord, and the more capable it is to carry the electricity. If you have a combination of sizes, always plug the thickest size (lowest gauge) into the distribution box and go smaller from there.  Power will be available 24hrs/day starting at around 2pm on Wednesday to the end of the festival but there may be occasional power-outages.  If the power goes out, try to re-set the breaker to your outlet on the distribution panel and make sure that none of your connections are in a puddle of water. If the breaker keeps tripping, you may have too many things plugged in or one of your electrical appliances/lights may have a short circuit (you need to unplug it).  Do not touch the generator! If the generator has stopped working, contact the sound-system people (PK Sound) at the Temple Stage sound control tent.  


Vendors are to supply their own bins and garbage bags and keep full bags neatly next to the festival garage cans for the garbage crew to pick up and haul away. Beaverfoot Lodge does the cleanup, and will come around twice per day.

Food Vendors: Vouchers

Food/drink vouchers will be provided to certain production crews and artists by the festival as part of the festival’s contract with them. Food and drink vendors will be expected to accept these food/drink vouchers at a face value of $1 each. They cannot be exchanged for cash and no change should be given on payment by vouchers.  Vouchers should be retained by food and drink vendors. The festival will pay food or drink vendors $0.50 for each voucher submitted to the office by mail within 30 days after the festival. A company cheque will be mailed out or email money transfer. 

Food vendors: Water supply and grey-water disposal

There will be a male household-style garden-hose connection to have access to potable water for your kitchen. We plan to have a water pump, however the water pressure may be very low so be prepared to operate using buckets. Please conserve water. It costs a lot to haul water in from Golden. If using a hose to run to your kitchen, it must be ‘food-grade’ (a garden hose is not ‘food grade’).  Grey-water should be disposed of in the grey water tank located behind the food vendors. Food vendors must have a permit to operate in BC and send their permit to us along with this agreement. If the water tank is running low or the grey-water tank is full, please contact Kootenay Pumping. It is the same company that will be working on the Posh-Potties and porta-potties.

Rules etc

Vendors may not sell ice, energy drinks, alcohol, illicit or prescription drugs, weapons, or fireworks.

No amplified music is allowed unless you have been accepted as an Indie Stage.

Generator use is not permitted, unless the main generator has stopped.

Vendors must supply, set up, and remove their own shelters, tables, displays, decoration, and goods.

Be sure to stake & tie-down your shelter securely, cover any sharp protruding objects with plastic/foam and duct-tape, or plastic bottles, and mark tripping hazards with florescent tape & paint. Cover any exposed rebar with plastic bottles, or split tennis balls.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you clean up your site completely and remove ALL stakes, rebar, and rope as these can cause serious injury to people, horses, and equipment for many years in the future if left in place. Any vendor who leaves a mess, causes damage beyond normal wear-and-tear, or creates a hazard will be held liable for their negligence.

Excessive garbage cleanup for a vendor booth such as lumber, furniture, display cases, carpet, tent-frames, etc will result in extra charges - $200 and up.

Vendor will be fined $1000 if it is found that they left rebar or stakes in the ground after the event or didn’t mark exposed stakes or tripping hazards during the event. Vendor may also be found liable for any claims against the festival arising from vendor negligence.

Infinite Events reserves the right to adjust the intensity of light emitted from vendor stands if the light takes away from the décor or overall feel of the event.

Vendors are to be licensed or permitted, if applicable, and operate in accordance with all government regulations as required in British Columbia.


Infinite Events reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time. 

This agreement is


Infinite Events Corp. o/a Motion Notion Festival
1102 - 1833 Crowe St
Vancouver, BC V5Y 0A2
Office (closed after Aug 15): (778) 847-5314
Vendor Email:
Main Festival Email:


Enter each name on a new line
Please list all the equipment you will bring, their electrical requirements & exact style of plug

To sell food, you must ALSO do the following:

  • Read and operate within the BC guidelines HERE.
  • Email or fax us a copy of your BC food-service permit (if you have one).
  • If you do not have a BC permit, you MUST apply HERE, email the applications to Diana at Interior Health: diana.tesic-nagalingam (at) , and then email us your permit once you get it. Diana's phone number is (250) 342-2336 if you have questions.


The vendor and all of its owners, subcontractors, employees, and volunteers hereby agree that Infinite Events Corp. and any of its subcontractors, employees, and volunteers will not be held liable for any problems, damages, losses, accidents, deaths, or injuries that the vendor or its subcontractors, employees, or volunteers may incur even through the negligence of the said parties.

I hereby declare that I am the authorized signatory for the vendor/shop listed above, and I have read, understand and accept all the above terms, fees, and requirements of vending at the 2018 Motion Notion Festival. I will explain the requirements & conditions to every person involved with the vendor/shop and will get each person’s written acceptance of the terms & requirements before they arrive on-site.