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Two Timer vs Wadjit

"With a keen edge and deep respect for the dark rolling jungle vibes crashing into neurofunk and all the way to the jazzy soulful music, Wadjit revels in all aspects of DNB.
A resident of the globally recognized drum and bass radio station, Wadjit’s imprint on the Canadian music scene is unmistakable. She is a solid connecting for your DNB addiction! Y Afterhours; where you can catch her every Saturday dropping the latest and greatest coming out from the up and coming dnb production massive.
As the hostess of Rinse N Wash Radio on, Wadjit has seen the imprint of her work worldwide and has been crossing international borders, such as Sun and Bass (Italy)and touring all over Germany, Czech, and Switzerland to bring her brand of mixing, not only to your home but straight to your face as well. Ever evolving and exploring, Wadjit thrives on having fun and enjoying life and it's treats to the fullest extent.
Always guaranteed to deliver energy and good vibes straight to the dancefloor, Wadjit is a treat to see.

Having opened up locally and starred internationally with headliners such as Etherwood, Nicky Blackmarket, Random Movement, Philth, Counterstrike, Katharsys, Total Science, Bailey, A.Sides, Danny Byrd, Stunnah, Ill.Gates, Stickybuds, An-ten-nae, Bryx, Funkanomics.

Rinse N Wash Radio

Having been apart of since Summer of 2013, Wadjit's Monday broadcasting of Rinse N Wash Radio has grown into a well rounded 2 hour special every week featuring a wide selection of DNB. From the lovely liquid gems to the deep rollers, Wadjit always has something for the mood. Sending out mass posi vibes, the show has become part of the steady Bassdrive diet for many listeners. Having represented Bassdrive in Italy at the prestigious Sun And Bass, Wadjit has seen the result of her hard work from the faces dance floor. Cultivating listeners world wide has been a supreme pleasure; meeting listeners face to face and experiencing the energy of the interactions is Wadjit's and Rinse n Wash's driving force. Straying away from the mainstream, Rinse N Wash loves showing off the true, new and old school, underground vibes. Bassdrive has been a vital part of Wadjit's life and loves giving it all back to the listeners. Music is Wadjit's catalyst, her heart and her life…

You can catch this dnb heart rocking away in her hometown of Edmonton, at YAfterhours, clubs/festivals around Canada and of course"