The Ecosexual (R)evolution: Artfully Loving Nature’s Playground | Motion Notion

The Ecosexual (R)evolution: Artfully Loving Nature’s Playground

Can you recall the first time you felt enraptured by the wondrous beauty of nature? What is it that invites your heart and devotion into a passion for caring for the environment? Ecosexuality explores the relationship and intersection between sexuality and ecology, inspiring people to give back to, protect, and co-create with our most pollen-amorous and shared lover, Earth.

Come back to nature’s playground and rediscover our E-spots in this tree hugging, soil massaging, rock caressing, sun worshipping, and plant seducing session of loving the Earth through our senses. We will be dirty. This co-facilitated workshop engages hands, heads, and hearts through a playful journey of co-creating with Lover Earth in a most naturally inspired (r)evolution!