The Art of Incense-Making | Motion Notion

The Art of Incense-Making

This 2-hour workshop will lead participants through the ancient art of traditional whole-herb incense-making from the gathering of ingredients to rituals of burning.

Beginning with a discussion on the different kinds of incense and methods of creation, we will touch on the basics of scent-mixing, and delve into the world of herbs and their amazing natural properties. Attendees will then have the opportunity to mix their own scent from natural ingredients provided and may choose one of a number of recipes, or create their own scent, following guidance, based on their own personal preferences. Participants will learn the different techniques for burning loose-incense, as well as the different ways to turn these mixtures into combustible incense, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Participants may then choose to either transform their scents, rolling them into sticks and cones, or leave their mixtures loose and receive materials with which to burn them. If desired, time-permitting, participants will be allowed to mix additional scents for a small fee.

Due to equipment and materials, this workshop is limited to 15 participants. Be there early to join the workshop!