The Art Of Dreaming- Create a Dreamcatcher! | Motion Notion

The Art Of Dreaming- Create a Dreamcatcher!

Do you want to gain clarity and feel excited about creating the more
beautiful world you dream of?

This workshop invites you to cast away from the shores of wakeful inception
and to embark on the winds of curiosity across the ocean of our collective
dreamscape. Come out for this imagination-inspiring, hand-engaging, and
heart-inspiring two hour session of dream weaving.

The Art of Dreaming is the way in which we receive the vision of a dream and
work to manifest that dream into our shared reality. We will practice the Art
of Dreaming through word, story, and crafting your own DreamPortal (aka dream

Materials to craft a personal DreamPortal will be provided, and in order to
support this offering you are invited to reciprocate a donation of $5. You
are also welcome to bring any of your own personal items to add, such as a
special stone, beads, or feathers for the DreamPortal.

All ages and Dreamers welcome – Let’s get crafty!

Facilitator Bio:
Skye is an avid nature artist, author and storyteller, creative
communitarian, and workshop facilitator; versatile and passionate in all
forms of his work. His mission is to contribute to a more beautiful world
where imagination and creativity are supported and all are free to do what
they love. This simple mission guides Skye’s work and play each day as he
aims to empower people in their actions and inspire others to follow their