SPACE MANTRA | Motion Notion


Space Mantra is a project that works with trance medicine sounds that help raise our vibrational state and create beautiful realities.

Space Mantra has shared stage with DJ Treavor Moontribe from Desert Dwellers, Olli Wisdom from Space Tribe, Tomasz Balicki aka Atmos, Blue lunar Monkey, Nokturnal, Jay Michael etc...

Space Mantra channels layers and texturizes mantras, intertwining with all those styles. The mantras raise energetic vibrations with the purpose of creating a liberating experience in the trance dancer. When people are exposed to these sounds, the soul recognizes them and incorporates them, amplifying the energy signature within auric field, creating a healing experience for everybody. When people are exposed to these sounds the soul recognizes them. It doesn't matter the state of the person, the soul always recognizes them.

Space Mantra delivers a psy-chill/down tempo, progressive trance, progressive Goa and sometimes psychedelic trance.

The SoundCloud content at is not available, or it is set to private.