SLEEPWRECK | Motion Notion


Sleepwreck is the sound of cyborgs dancing around a ritual bonfire. As primal as it is forward reaching, as organic as it is technological, this Music is electronic and it is alive. Having spent a lifetime in study of the magic and science of sound, Sleepwreck's original productions and live performance move the listener both bodily and emotionally while challenging the preconceptions that prevail in current electronic dance music. His artistic aim is and always has been to create space for an audience to share in peak experience together.

Not lending itself to simple genre classification, Sleepwreck's sound ranges from lush atmospheric textures, to hard hitting syncopated grooves, from heavy pulsing basslines to otherworldly vocal melodies. In the studio he crafts delicate, emotional downtempo one minute and whomping tribal dance music the next. When taking to the stage he is as likely to be looping guitar and voice for a yoga class, as he is to be spattering you with shaman style war-paint and wailing on a set of floor-toms. Picture "Post-rock meets instrumental hip-hop" on the one hand, and "Phutureprimitive meets LongWalkShortDock" on the other. No matter where you hear him, at home on your headphones or putting your nearest PA system through it's paces, Sleepwreck's honesty, passion, and enthusiasm are intense and infectious. His ability to surrender himself to Music is remarkable and difficult not to be inspired by.

After a busy summer of festival dates, Fall of 2014 saw Sleepwreck's official debut release with Oakland California's Street Ritual Recordings, (alongside respected West Coast artists The Human Experience, Erothyme, Nico Luminous, and many others). The Prototype Self EP was well received by fans and media alike, and in combination with a number of performances in 2014 (opening for Phutureprimitive and Eskmo amoung others), firmly established this artist as one to watch for in the blooming Vancouver electronic scene. With a busy schedule of upcoming releases, collaborations, remixes, and performances, 2015 is set to see Sleepwreck take the next big steps in bringing his unique Music to the world.

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