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Sanctuary Volunteer Application for 2018

Direct email is sanctuary at

The Sanctuary is a space where people can come in and take a break from the intensity of the event and have a "time out" if their experience or trip becomes a bit overwhelming. Helpers at the Sanctuary space can assist with providing a calm, quiet space to sit down or lay down in, and if needed, can talk to the guest about how they are doing, or what they are feeling. This is not "trip-sitting" or providing any kind of guided experience, but offering a helpful presence and a kind of "psychedelic first aid" to guests in the Sanctuary.

Previous sanctuary experience or a psycrisis course is mandatory.

In exchange for volunteering for 12 hours you will be granted the following:

- Free entry to the festival (your name will be on the guest list so bring ID)
- Free early arrival (starting at 9am Thursday)
- 1 meal on day of work
- Sanctuary lanyard

The Sanctuary is a tent across the path from the First Aid near the top of Earth Camp.

If you are accepted we will contact you with your assigned schedule. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you show up and work your shifts. Nobody will be able to replace you. There will be a sign-in booklet that volunteers need to sign when they arrive for their shift. Volunteers will be asked to report any no-shows or problems experienced in the book as well as explain about who they treated on incident forms. Volunteers will be required to pay for a ticket deposit, which will be reimbursed shortly after your completed shift.