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Quantum Physics of Life

How do living beings operate on the subatomic scale? Do living organisms harness "spooky" quantum mechanical effects to cheat death? Could life exist without quantum mechanics? In this lecture, Dr. Nathan Babcock will expand upon ideas he developed while carrying out research on quantum computing and its relationship to cellular respiration. Topics of discussion will include the physics of thermodynamically reversible and irreversible operations, enzyme function and biomolecular recognition, the sub-atomic structure of amino acids (the "building blocks" of life), protein folding, superexchange-mediated electron tunneling, quantum teleportation, and the ubiquitous role of water as the "matrix of life." Mathematical training in complex functional analysis is recommended but not required to enjoy this two-hour lecture; there will be plenty of rum-punch. Audience engagement guaranteed!

Presenter Bio: Dr. Nathan Babcock received his philosophical doctorate from the
University of Calgary for carrying out joint research on quantum
computing and biological respiration. In his PhD thesis, he showed how
a rudimentary quantum information processing task is essential to the
function of all known life, specifically in the form of reversible
electron transport. Nathan has travelled world-wide presenting his
ideas, as a visitor to universities and scientific institutions across
Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, and Australia. He
currently holds an academic appointment as a Postdoctoral Fellow at
Simon Fraser University where he carries out scientific research using
X-rays to investigate enzymes as they dance the dance of life. His PhD
thesis is publicly available online from the University of Calgary