PSYENTIFICA | Motion Notion


Psyentifica is the psychedelic music project of Catalin Faget who has been producing all kinds of electronic music since 2000 and showcasing music in DJ format since 2001. Psyentifica’s sounds evolve from natural harmonics and psychedelic tones, specially tweaked to be time appropriate. With the release of Natural Selection [2008] and Natural Selection V.2 [2010] compilation albums- the musical focus has been on uplifting original soundscapes and driving rhythms. Ozosphere [2012] features psychedelic tones and big basslines that aim to get mind and body activated.

Having positive feedback from past performances has seen a return to Entheos Music Gathering and Motion Notion festival playing with Katalyst events, Perception Events, Techno Hippy Crew, Stereoshift, Soma Sound System, Beatrix events, Organix, and many big sound systems…