POETA | Motion Notion


Shay has been a staple pushing deep sounds on many fronts in Calgary and growing the connection with artists around the world. Her radio shows and weekly minimal nights are a forefront in pushing new producers froward in the underground scene. Flourishing out of West Coast Canada, blurring the lines of genres & harnessing a sound boundless in depth, Shay Poeta is cultivating her unique fusion of bass driven electronic music. Tying together organic elements into her productions, Poeta's output embodies an ethereal voice that whispers of dream inducing melodies and groovy bass lines. Her productions develop around her passion for percussion. Coming from a background in drumming, her sound molds around broken beats, harnessing the potential of empty space.

Hand selected sounds and mixes filled with exclusives. Favoring a mixture of multiple genres in her DJ sets, Poeta draws together acoustic & electronic mediums spanning tempos and styles. Redefining conventional bass music, her mixes are created from music that carries a undeniable message of love & creative intelligence . Each genre is coupled together by undertones of deep, organic rooted elements. A set from Poeta journeys through conscious movement, seeded in the brilliance of the frequencies she disperses.