METAPHORACLE | Motion Notion


Tightening his grip on his signature style, MetaphOracle brings his throwback sound and smashes it into the future. His life-long love affair with music has turned to lust as he continues to flourish within the ever evolving west-coast music scene. While continuously adding to his collection of originals he incorporates his trumpet into a truly unique performance style. Known for his diverse sets, it’s hard to expect what this musician will drop next but you can expect it will be overflowing with his gangstalicious steeze.

With his trumpet at his side he stands poised to add the kind of depth and authenticity that only a live musician can bring. Moving seamlessly from a wealth of hip hop and fat basslines to a live Funk act, MetaphOracle is a true performer. Taking you from a glitched out, deeper trip on to another journey through the hood-rich, krunky bass sound that he loves, attitude is definitely included. With this kind of quality in a live show and a steady flow of seductive new releases we can expect to a lot more of him in the near future.

Meanwhile, MetaphOracle plunges into the musical unknowns, hidden behind a veil of mystery and suspense.