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Maxx Ammo

"Originally from Los Angeles CA, Maxx Ammo has now made his place in beautiful British Columbia and has become part of the electronic music scene, and in the process he has made a large impression on the Outdoor Music festival and Club community.

Over the past couple years alone he has Headlined some of British Columbia's most popular Festivals and played alongside some of the electronic music scenes biggest names. His music productions has been on the Beatport Top 100 Release charts and featured on and other major sites. He has even been making front page newspaper headlines!(Daily Carrier)

Known for his amazing technical performances during shows, and the ability to read and entertain a wide range of audiences, Maxx is sure to keep the floor pumping with a wide range of music selection.

With his high energy and deep commitment to entertaining, he has had the privilege to Headline with artist such as Noisia, Far Too Loud, Infected Mushroom, JFB, SNAILS, Flatland Funk, Stickybuds, SkiiTour, ShockOne and many more! From Working with I Heart Recordings and Bassbong records, Maxx Ammo is ever growing in the electronic music scene that sweeps Canada!"