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Kundalini Yoga / Chinese Fan Dance / Crystal Stones

Presented by Weila Wu from China who now lives in Goa India or Vancouver depending on the season. She has been running a Yoga school 10 years and she studied Chinese Traditional Medicine from her family. A neat fact is that Weila was a modern dancer and Club DJ before starting into Yoga.

Be ready for a bit of fun with Weila! The workshop will introduce how to practice healing and open Chakras with the different crystals and traditional Indian herbs.

Here is a message from her in her own words, 'The workshop will be 3 hours. Friday or Saturday morning are good time . 30 min for attendance introduce them self and share their most interesting spiritual experience . I teach philosopher of kundalini yoga . One hour Yoga Asanas ( yoga postures ) , lots warm up . Sun salutation . Standing postures . Back bending .. 30 minutes yoga dance with Chinese silk fan . 30 min Pranayama (yoga breathing technic . + Mantra Chanting . 30 minutes teach Students massage each other 's Spine (the central of the body spine is the 7 chakra located place)