ILLEMENTREE | Motion Notion


Illementree is the sonic manipulating persona of Daniel Boulos. Kicking it off right at the age of five by picking up the cello, he started his life long endeavour of creating musical vibrations to push through the cosmos. Over the past three years, Daniel has been releasing his warm psychedelic basslines and enchanting melodies under the alias illementree, but has been secretly working on a side project soon to be released. Since his move to Calgary in 2012, he has joined a small group of inspiring individuals who organize an array of conscious community based events ranging from Ecstatic Dance Workshops to Music Festivals. Finding an interest in the connection between music and dance, he has been focusing a lot of his energy exploring as an Ecstatic Dance DJ and is incorporating his new findings into his sound scaping. Over the past several years, Daniel has opened for such acts as Quanta, Kaminanda, Whitebear, Adham Shaikh, Stickybuds; and has shared the stage with many talented musicians at Motion Notion, Astral Harvest and Inshala Festival­.

The SoundCloud content at is not available, or it is set to private.