DJ NOIZ | Motion Notion


His passionate connection with music always shows when he plays from the heart, Bringin the Noiz is what he was bred to do his whole life. This Multi Genre Bass Guru will find and mix the best of what is new and hot in the underground electronic music scene and deliver something Fresh and Different every single time. Always progressively expanding genres to update his colorful world of electronic music to what is new and hip, he writes a story as he makes you move, expressing Love and Pain in his book, his dance therapy is like no other. He is well known for Delivering Shamonic sets all over western Canadian bars and festivals to show his Bass Driven EDM Diversity. His well grounded musical experience began as a Hip Hop producer and emcee when he was only 14 years of age when he got his very first mixer, and everything naturally evolved for this moment on. Many years later he transitioned into a Rave Dj at house parties and naturally entered the EDM world as a Musical Bass Monster. 20 years in the making his music moves mountains and he would have not survived without it. He is a prime example himself of how music can heal the soul, through all the pain and all the rain of his life, he's been able to rise up and overcome over the demons in his life and push past all the drama. At times when all hope was lost with only the love for his music to get him through his day, he stayed connected to it and kept his head up and kept evolving into something beautiful from something tragic. Out of this life came a burning ball of Fire, born into the post world war two projects of war torn Easter Europe in Poland, he's seen and lived all the struggles of rising up and over coming life's demons. Always the right Mix and always the right Vibe, he will take you one deeper so come and Feel The Noiz that he brings when he becomes A Spiritual Monk of Sound.