DAITYA | Motion Notion


Daitya is Andrew Daniels from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Daityas were an ancient race of mythological giants in Hindu scripture. This raw, animalistic nature is intentionally channeled into each set and performance which ripples throughout the dance floor. Daitya brings a dark, complex groove structure coupled with deep atmospheres and hypnotic soundscapes which begin to peel back the veil of everyday, normal reality. This allows each participant to be completely enveloped by the shamanic, tribal dance experience and offers fully ecstatic and euphoric journeys.

For years Andrew enjoyed attending dance parties in Calgary and festivals throughout Western Canada. His first 'rave' was a psytrance party in 2006 which changed Andrew's perception and ideas of what a party and celebration could be. After many festivals and other parties he was inspired to start furthering his love for psytrance and communal, ritualistic dance gatherings by learning how to DJ and by organizing his own events with his immediate group of friends. Now Andrew is taking Daitya into the studio and has begun producing his own psychedelic music. Stay tuned for upcoming releases.

The SoundCloud content at https://soundcloud.com/daitya/the-psychedelic-semi-formal is not available, or it is set to private.