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Highly regarded by DJ's, promoters, peers and party-goers from East to West coast as one of the most prominent and dynamic BASS DJ/MC Duo's in Canada, Low Self productions' magic never seems to disappear!! DJ CAIN.1's trunk tight mixing skills and swaggeriffic scratching abilities combined with FOUR20's energetic and super hyper lyrical flow's, are a rowdy combination that will keep you bass face'd up, sweaty and jumping around all night! Originally founded in 2005 by Winnipeg Junglists (CAIN.1 & Four20 MC), Low Self productions has take then West coast by storm and The long awaited, highly anticipated 2010 Studio Sessions falls nothing short of amazing!!

Cain.1 is an influential figure in Canada's underground music scene. DJing around the country since 1997, with a promising production career developing, he has developed a strong group of fans and followers. Add up the number of raves, club night’s and party's this guy has rocked, plus the number of residencies he's had around Canada and you get a DJ with some serious talent. 1/3 of Winnipeg D&B dominants Herbs & Crumbs + co founder of Alberta production company Low Self Productions, his second to none mixing skills and confident scratching abilities were first showcased in the infamous Scandalous Mix Cd series with Dave Dub-L and Peanuts & Corn recording artist John Smith. Absorbing a wide variety of musical influences such as Soca, Jungle, Hip Hop and Reggae. Cain has dedicated himself to living music and mastering the beats.

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Loki Music Festival Podcast: DJ CAIN.1 & Four20 MC

If you’ve ever had the chance to witness this duo live, you’ll know that DJ Cain & Four20’s sets are energy ridden and guarantee to produce the organic thunderous sound only created by hundreds of dancing feet.
As one of Loki 2012’s headliners, we’re extra excited to have the boys come out with a 50min sneak preview of what we can expect from them at this year’s festival!

Do you like jungle? Do you like yummy drum and bass? You should probably just go ahead and click the download button, even if you don’t. Continuously clever, MC Four20’s vocals are never intrusive or out of place and greatly compliment Cain’s mixing. These sounds scream summer and are sure to turn anyone who feels hesitant towards the 160bpm. We’re loving all the great tracks included in the mix, be prepared to hear Jubei, Flowdan, Dub Phizix, Delilah, Yasmin and Shy FX!

Cain & Four20 MC are prominent individuals in the Western Canadian bass scene and call Banff their home. With residencies at the Dancing Sasquatch and summer festival dates including Loki & Shambhala, you have no excuse to miss hearing some decadent DnB!!