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Bass Panda

"With his humble beginnings DJing at house parties, Bass Panda was quick to build a following of loyal fans and supportive community. Whether he is dropping fresh beats under the stars at a summer festival or drawing in eager ears to pack out an entire houseboat, this Dj's unique and personal style infects the crowd with an exuberant joy that overflows with their cheers and high energy dancing. You are sure to experience the vast range of influences that have come together to create a full Bass Panda set. His lifetime of musical training and exposure to the subtle nuances of sound give him the ear to know exactly how to take the crowd on a journey that will have fists pumping, vocals collaborating, hearts singing, heads bouncing, feet flailing, and an energetic expression unlike anything you have experienced. The joyous ebb and flow of Bass Panda will have you wearing your best bass face during the grimy drops and connecting with your festival family through embrace and laughter during uplifting melodies. His ability to incorporate genres of all eras creates opportunities to reminisce and re-enact our favourite memories within the transformative festival experience. This is techno-shamanism at its finest."