Alchemical Acupressure | Motion Notion

Alchemical Acupressure

Alchemical Acupressure
with Nathan and Rebecca

Come and be healed! Discover the innate inner healing power of your
own internal life energy force (chi/qi/ki/prana). Learn to apply
energy fulcrums around you to help generate a clearer, stronger, more
radiant energy field. Feel more balanced and alive. Evolve and
transform in loving creativity and motion.

While working as a licensed practicing nurse, Rebecca synthesizes
Eastern and Western philosophies to help create a health care system
that cultivates wellness and promotes real healing. Rebecca has
studied with numerous energy workers, shamans, and holistic health
practitioners while following her calling as a healer.

Nathan is a professional physicist and a long-time practitioner of the
Quanzhen ("Complete Reality") school-of-thought in alchemy. His
academic quest for knowledge leads him on various worldly
misadventures and high jinx, and yet directs him inward to study and
experiment on the prima materia of his own soul.

***Please bring water and a yoga mat (or a massage table!)***